We have joined forces with Sue Barry of Misty Highland Farm and started our company, Sparrow Soaps, in 2011.

 Our soap is pure, good old-fashioned soap at its best.   Goat milk is extraordinarily gentle and tender, even to the driest of skin types.  It also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which help restore your skin to look and feel smoother, silky, and younger. It adds a rich, creamy texture to soap, giving a luxurious feeling every time you bathe.  

Each batch is hand-made with the finest natural oils. Such as olive, coconut, palm and soy, to name a few.  Other beneficial ingredients include honey, oatmeal, herbs, spices, fragrance and essential oils.  We always cut our soap into generous 5-6 ounce bars. 

To learn more about our soaps and the benefits of goat milk soap, visit us at www.SparrowSoaps.com

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No Farms.  No Food.

Each day when we milk our ‘girls’ they are thanked and kissed for their contribution to our soaps.
— Michelle & Sue

A local film student did an amazing job with her documentary on our Soap Company!

We are also super proud of our daughter, Nevaeh, who is a 15 year-old entrepreneur.  She is one of the few homeschoolers who have been accepted into the Regional Agricultural Program, that she will be attending in the fall of 2017.  In addition to being the main goat caretaker (milker, midwife, mama) of our farm, she has her own all natural product line, Just A Farm Girl.  She offers them at local farmers' markets, area festivals and various small businesses.  You can find all her products here.