Kingdom Kids Family Farm reserves the right to retain any kid we choose/need for our own herd.

Kids can be reserved and a deposit can be given although we like to do business the “old fashion” way with your word and a handshake.  Once kids have been born, potential buyers can visit unlimited times to make their final decision where then a commitment sales agreement will be signed and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required.  The kid(s) will be held until weaned (approx 8-10 weeks) and final payment arrangements will be made.  Goat(s) are to be picked up after weaning unless special arrangements are made for boarding.  We will charge $2 a day per goat which will be added to final balance.  All deposits/payments will be forfeited if goats are not picked up after 45 days.

Registration papers will be completed before the goats leave our farm.  We will have them filled out and give buyer the option to choose their name.  If buyer has not decided on their name at the time of pick-up, the registration papers will have the name we chose at the time of their birth.  Registration is included in the price of the goat and so therefore paid by Kingdom Kids Family Farm.   We are happy to offer this as it insures that our goats’ lineage is preserved/documented.

Any/all special tests and/or health certificates required for transportation are the buyer’s responsibility as well as transportation.

Kids of weaning age that are leaving for their new homes will have been treated for coccidian and worms, received their initial and booster CD&T.  They are disbudded in their first week and tattooed between 6-8 weeks of age. 

As a method of preventing urinary calculi, we wait as long as possible to wether our buck kids (if they are not being sold as bucklings).  Wethering is typically done around 7-8 weeks of age and we may choose to keep these little guys at our farm for an extended period of time to further insure a full healthy recovery.

All of our goats are deemed healthy at the time of sale.  Buyer has the right to a veterinary inspection at their own expense while they still reside at our farm.  We will not be held responsible for the health of a kid (goat) beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves our farm.  However, Kingdom Kids Family Farm will give buyer a complete refund of purchase price (in exchange for the animal) or replace the animal with another comparable kid (goat) if an official veterinary certificate shows evidence of an underlying condition prior to the final sale and transfer.

Please note

We also reserve the right to decline on the sale of one of our “kids” if we feel that they are not going to the home that we feel is best for them. (ex:  no companions, shelter/safety concerns, etc).  We sincerely apologize if this comes across as harsh, but please understand that this is not considered solely a business to us; we consider all of our animals part of our family.)  We also believe/feel we are called to be the stewards to these animals the way God desires us to be.  This responsibility is often called stewardship, because we have been asked to watch over what belongs to Him.   Animals are precious creatures and each one is unique and loved by its Creator. They mean the world to us and we desire to place them in homes where they will continue to be given the love and attention they were born into and deserve.



Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?
Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.
— Luke 12:6