Jewelweed Salve


Jewelweed Salve

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Here is another one of Nev's salve creations you can feel good about using.  No nasty chemicals or ingredients that you cannot pronounce!

The Jewelweed plant has been used for centuries by Native Americans and Herbalists, as a natural preventative and treatment for poison ivy and many other skin disorders.  We are blessed to have an abundance growing on our farms!  

This is made from olive and soy oil infused with the jewelweed plant for over two weeks. She filters out the plant...adds beeswax to create the salve, then finishes with a few drops of rosemary and tea tree oil essential oils for added anti bacterial benefits!

Sold in 2 oz jars

Ingredients:  Soybean oil, olive oil, jewelweed plant, *beeswax, rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil


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